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Adventures With God

April 19, 2020

To have experienced encounters with lions, bears, a ministry venture into the middle of headhunter encampments, to have been on the receiving end of two armed robberies and numerous other exciting adventures is something worth sharing.

Many people don't think of God as being fun and adventurous, but this book will dispel that thought and bring new understanding to those who read it. And though some of the adventures here were not fun as they happened, it was truly an uplifting gift on the other side to see how God brought about real pleasure in seeing His mighty hand in it all.

With the link provided below, you can order a digital copy from any online storefront you would like, whether that's Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Barnes & Noble and others, and paperback copies can be ordered through If you like adventure, you are going to find it here in real life.

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